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12 Route de Marans
17220 - Saint-Christophe
Magikabou is an artisanal soap factory based in St Christophe in Charente Maritime. You will discover body and face soaps, made with organic, natural and local ingredients whenever possible. As well as eco-responsible accessories.
In 2019, Harmonie created the artisanal soap factory Magikabou, based in Saint Christophe in Charente Maritime, in order to offer healthy and natural products for the skin as well as for the environment. This involves a meticulous selection of producers, raw materials, packaging ... in order to have a finished product of quality, biodegradable and respectful of the skin.

To make the soaps, she uses the ancestral method of cold saponification. This means that the oils are not overheated and allows to keep a maximum of their virtues in the soap. We will thus obtain soap with glycerin. This last one is going to allow to remake the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Moreover, each soap is over-greased in order to bring softness to the skin.

The soap factory offers two ranges of soaps:
A body and face range with two soaps without essential oils.
- Biquette soap (with goat's milk and yellow clay for acne-prone and dry skin)
- Flower power soap (with calendula macerate and oat milk for sensitive and irritated skin)
Two soaps with essential oils:
- Mentholé soap (exfoliating with rosemary infusion and peppermint essential oil)
- Black Beard Soap (for shaving and detoxifying the skin with vegetable charcoal).

As well as a maintenance range:
- Brillant Soap (degreaser and cleaner for the dishes)
- Cinderella Soap (stain remover for clothes and textiles).

The soap factory takes to heart to defend values such as :
- ethics,
Knowing where the raw materials come from, how they were extracted and if the producer is correctly paid are important notions in the eyes of Harmonie. She therefore tries to work directly with local, French producers whenever possible. She also wants to be transparent with consumers by informing them of the origin of the raw materials.

- Eco-responsibility,
Each packaging is selected so that it has the least possible impact on the environment (upcycled products, etc.)
She has therefore chosen to work with seeded paper for the packaging of individual soaps so that the latter is biodegradable, compostable and especially that blooms to see melliferous flowers grow.

- the short circuit
Harmonie uses plants from the garden to make macerates or infusions, which will be incorporated into the soaps. It is then important to her to favor local producers (17) with a responsible and ethical approach (goat milk, beeswax, camelina oil and sunflower oil). The other materials come from French producers and from abroad for shea butter, coconut oil and some essential oils.

- the quality
Each raw material is selected with care and attention in order to have cold extracted, natural and even organic ingredients coming from local and French producers as soon as possible. Because the quality of the raw materials leads to the finished product, Harmonie insists on using only natural materials.
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