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Throughout the seasons

Roses trémières roses et blanches dans un champs
Sophie Nogues

From the bustle of the summer months to the mild autumn and spring and welcoming winter, the city of La Rochelle sports many different atmospheres. Check out our suggestions for activities and outings to enjoy La Rochelle and its landscapes all year round, with the changing seasons and weather.

Romantic weekend in La Rochelle

La Rochelle is undoubtedly the ideal getaway destination for a romantic weekend together. Discover our selection of favourites and enjoy the most romantic activities and magical nights in La Rochelle.


Amoureux sur le Vieux Port
Mélanie Chaigneau

La Rochelle on a grey day... our ideas for outings

And yes, in La Rochelle too, the weather can be capricious... But don't let that stop you! Here are some ideas for outings and activities to visit La Rochelle when it's raining, while waiting for the sun to return!

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Pluie et reflet Tours St-Nicolas
Francis Giraudon

Week-end cocooning

A change of scenery, maritime landscapes, pure and invigorating air, open spaces on the horizon and in the distance, calm and peaceful atmospheres... In La Rochelle and along the coast, enjoy the benefits of the ocean in winter!

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Couple se faisant un calin sur la digue du Nouveau Monde La Rochelle
Mélanie Chaigneau

The post-season in La Rochelle

After the festive effervescence of the summer months, the lively atmosphere on the quays of the Old Port of La Rochelle and the picnics in the parks, the city discovers itself under another face.

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Vieux Port, lumière matinale
Sophie Nogues