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Play together as a family with Terra Aventura

Géocaching devant le port du Loiron
Emilie Fouillit

A unique walk combining sport, leisure and culture: Terra Aventura is a treasure hunt based on the principle of geocaching. Armed with this application, free and available all year round, discover unusual places and stories with your family or friends in and around La Rochelle.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: solve puzzles that will guide you to the "cache"... Throughout your journey, you will be accompanied by little imaginary characters, the Poï'z – lively little characters, bursting with life!p

Terra Aventura: our little manual

To play Terra Aventura, start by downloading the 100% free 'Terra Aventura' app (via Play Store or App Store). Then, create your account – an essential step to find all your routes, leave your reviews and join the community of Terra Aventura fans.

Play Terra Aventura

To start a route, click 'Start' and head to the walk's starting point. Once at the indicated location, click 'I am there'. The game can now begin! 

You will then need to answer puzzles to allow you to access the next step, and so on for the entire route. These are the Poï'z, little imaginary characters who will guide you until the end of your treasure hunt.

Enigmes Terra Aventura
© Emilie Fouillit

When you reach the end of the walk, the GPS coordinates of the treasure cache will be displayed. But be careful, if you haven't answered the riddles correctly, the coordinates will not be accurate and you'll struggle to find the treasure ... Don't worry, you can always go back to the puzzles to change your answers thanks to the wild cards.

Finally, let's talk about the treasure! To retrieve it, all you need to do is find the hidden QR code and then scan it with your smartphone. But what is this treasure? A collectable badge bearing the image of the now famous Poï'z.

Our little tips for experienced Terra Aventura hunters

1/ If you come by car, first locate the car park near the starting point. This way, you'll avoid parking and realising that the starting point is miles away from where you are.
Parking in La Rochelle

2/ Download the route so you don't need to use any internet connection during the walk.

3/ Avoid locking your phone during the walk, or you will exit the app. You won’t lose your progress, but you will have to go through the starting process again. 

4/ Turn on sound on your mobile phone to allow you to hear sound notifications throughout the journey, indicating an intersection or letting you know when the next stage has been reached. This is a very helpful tip, particularly for cyclists, so you don't need to keep your eyes on your phone at all times.  

Follow the five Terra Aventura routes in La Rochelle

Parcours Terra Aventura La Rochelle
© Emilie Fouillit

From the old town to the coast, landscapes to tradition, the five Terra Aventura routes in La Rochelle invite you to share unforgettable moments of discovery with your family.

  • "The Towers of La Rochelle" route in La Rochelle
  • "The Pearls of Lead" route in l'Houmeau
  • "The Beast in the Handlebars" route in Angoulins
  • "The 'Beautiful Stay" route in Châtelaillon-Plage
  • "The Mussels Bed" route in Châtelaillon-Plage

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... Let's go! We're warning you, you'll be hooked!

Discover the Terra Aventura routes in La Rochelle