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The Terra Aventura routes in La Rochelle

Published 30/03/2021 - Updated 23/08/2021
Deux enfants participants au géocaching Terra Aventura
Emilie Fouillit

Five Terra Aventura routes await you in La Rochelle. Through five themes and five different locations, explore the beauties and riches of the local heritage and all its know-how. According to your preferences in terms of duration, difficulty or proximity, choose your favourite treasure hunt ... Or, even better, do them all!

Terra Aventura, instructions for use

"The Towers of La Rochelle" Terra Aventura route: the essential

Our "The Towers of La Rochelle" route is an opportunity to (re)discover La Rochelle. Whether you're a native or already a connoisseur of the history of the city of La Rochelle, you're bound to learn something new about the 'white city'. For curious visitors, this walk is the perfect way to discover all the anecdotes and stories of the town, while enjoying yourself and soaking up the friendly atmosphere and charm of La Rochelle.

Parcours Terra Aventura La Rochelle
© Emilie Fouillit

During this two-hour walk, you'll discover all the heritage and historical wealth of a thousand-year-old city. You will be guided by its lighthouses and find yourself at the foot of its famous towers. There's just a few steps from the Old Port to the old town: your hunt will take you from streets to alleys to discover beautiful buildings adorned with rich decorations and architectural elements. You'll pass through unmissable locations; lush, green places; and pass under traditional stone archways.

An ideal route to enjoy with the family, with a distance of just 3 km, and fun puzzles reserved for explorers.

Our little tip:

  • Opt to explore this route in the morning to make the most of the gentle and friendly morning atmosphere in the Old Port and in the old town. 

"The Pearls of Lead" Terra Aventura route: 100% natural

"The Pearls of Lead" is a fantastic breath of fresh air in an incredibly diverse environment! Located between the expanse of fresh water in the Pampin marshes and the expanse of salt water that is the ocean, you won't know where to look first. So, head off on this three-hour trip, from the seaside and its long pebble beaches and the surrounding cliffs, to the marsh and its oyster ponds.

Parcours Terra Aventura à l'Houmeau
© Emilie Fouillit

70% of the course is located by the sea, on tracks inaccessible to cars, for a feeling of guaranteed freedom. You'll discover the charming little port of l'Houmeau and its red and white lighthouse. Take the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet break with an unmissable oyster tasting ...

The advantages of this route: a breath-taking view of the arches of the Ile de Ré bridge; a protected environment that allows you to observe small creatures: birds, insects and beautiful flowers. 

Our little tip:

  • Little legs may prefer to cycle this route, as it extends over 6.5 km. 
  • Part of the route requires walking by the side of the road: please be careful. 
  • For a day trip in the sun, remember to pack a bottle of water, a hat and wear good, comfortable shoes.  

"The Beast in the Handlebars" Terra Aventura route: by bike

Parcours Terra Aventura à vélo
© Emilie Fouillit

"The Beast in the Handlebars" is an invigorating three-hour walk along the coast between Châtelaillon-Plage and Angoulins-sur-Mer. The loop ends inland, as you discover the fauna and architectural richness of Angoulins-sur-Mer.

Along the ocean, you'll see superb views of Fort Boyard, along with the islands of Ré, Aix and Oléron. Discover the 'carrelets': these charming little huts that stand all along the route. Enjoy the cosy atmosphere that reigns in the magnificent Port du Loiron. Discover ancient salt marshes ... The route is a real treat for the eyes, and certainly a paradise for the little ones, with a walk mostly enjoyed by the sea and largely on paths reserved for cyclists and pedestrians, or on very quiet roads. Enjoy a true feeling of escapism.

The route can also be enjoyed on foot, but bear in mind that little legs may find the journey a little long, as it extends over 14 km.

"The Beautiful Stay in Châtel" Terra Aventura route: a creative trip

Parcours Terra Aventura à Châtelaillon-Plage
© Emilie Fouillit

For our "The Beautiful Stay in Châtel" route, you'll need to be a keen observer and keep looking up. Over the course of this 3 km walk, you'll see all kinds of colours and shapes. First, you'll walk along the ocean, before journeying deeper into the streets to admire the town's beautiful facades. The houses in Châtelaillon-Plage are remarkable, colourful, creative and sometimes hidden in unexpected corners ... You'll discover locations steeped in history which have made this city famous today. Finally, you'll end your adventure in a pleasant green area. 

Châtelaillon-Plage offers up a true playground for two hours. Children will love it, while parents stroll along learning the secrets of this charming seaside resort. The ocean view and the chance to discover the villas makes for a fantastic combination! So, head towards Fort Saint-Jean and embark on this adventure to discover or rediscover Châtel.

"The Mussels Bed" Terra Aventura route: a culinary tradition

"The Mussels Bed" is a journey that's sure to make you hungry. You must have noticed that culinary tradition takes centre stage here, with the mussel mouclade. But that's not all! This one hour walk also allows you to discover the village of Boucholeurs: an authentic, preserved and magical place. 

Parcours Terra Aventura Les Bouchôleurs
© Emilie Fouillit

Here you can enjoy views of the Pointe de Fouras and the Île Madame, hidden behind it. This is also an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing break on the creative benches decorated with magnificent mosaics and artistic discoveries ... We must admit that this route leaves you in suspense and it's sure to make you want to learn a little more: perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to come back and explore this corner another day? 

One thing's for sure: this journey will delight the little ones. The route is quite short (3 km) and fun, with a small playground on the way. The walk follows the paths of a large and secure promenade, reserved for pedestrians. However, be careful not to stray too far, because some questions are quite difficult and little hunters may need your help.