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Square Valin, the place to be for families

Jeux d'enfants sur le Square Valin - Vieux Port de La Rochelle
Julien Chauvet

Renovated Square Valin 

After the Quai Duperré, which is opposite La Rochelle’s towers, became pedestrianised in 2015, the area around Square Valin at the Vieux Port (old port) was completely revamped!  After several months of construction work and its opening at the start of July 2017, it has quickly become the place to be for families!

In this area, locals and tourists who like relaxing outdoors and in shaded areas intermingle, as they look for something fun for their kids to do or just because they want to go somewhere with a nice environment and with an incredible view over the Vieux Port of La Rochelle.

The first thing we see is nature. Plants and grassy areas are beautifully displayed, not to mention the trees that bring that much needed freshness to those hot summer days. There are also some benches there so you can take a break, have an ice cream or look at the view... what a treat!

In the middle of the square there is a play area that will win over the kids: wooden paths, slides, climbing frames, tunnels, and new kinds of see-saws... here you’ll climb, you’ll crawl, you’ll run and you’ll tug but most of all you’ll laugh!  

The famous Manège de l'Océan

And the main feature is the historical merry-go-round “Le Manège de l’Océan”. Made entirely of wood, mouldings, light bulbs, paintings and gilding, it attracts kids and adults alike! Kids struggle to choose what they want to ride. With mermaids, boats, dolphins, seahorses, fish, hot-air balloons and submarines it’s like Sophie’s choice! But whatever, you’ll just have to go on it again!

There is also a snack stand with a few tables for people with a sweet tooth: slush puppies, soft ice-cream, waffles, doughnuts, churros and drinks... and a few savoury snacks to eat on the go! 

Having been completely redesigned, the outskirts of Square Valin are also perfect for walking along the docks, between the historical town and the port and you can see one-off shows with curious families crowding round them. 

Are you tempted?