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Kite-surfing in La Rochelle :the spots to know

Kite surf Aytré
Franck Moreau

An afternoon or a day of thrills, what do you think ? Try kitesurfing near from La Rochelle and discover the best spots and beaches according to your desires…

Kitesurf in Aytré : a hidden playground

Direction Aytré , south of La Rochelle  to do kitesurfing in complete privacy.! To come to the beach, it’s easy, and we can let the car on the car park ! Between Pointe de Roux in the North and the Pointe du Chay, it is a stretch of sand more than 2 km who waiting you!
Here,  we dive into an unspoilt and uncrowded environment (out of summer period): an ideal spot to enjoy the joys of kitesurfing out of sight. Imagine ... Learn about kitesurfing or improve your skis in your own backyard ... No hesitation! A little advice before leaving, remember to watch the tides: the sea is navigable 2 hours before and after high tide.

What do we like in Aytré? 

The calm and serenity of the places throughout the year (out of summer season) and ideal conditions to enjoy an afternoon of kitesurfing.

Book your Kitesurf session in Aytré, near from La Rochelle :

Châtelaillon-Plage : family atmosphere

Next stop : Châtelaillon-Plage, one of the most beautiful beaches of Charente-Maritime ! Located at few minutes from La Rochelle, this pretty seaside resort is the place to be to enjoy strong feelings with your family. The best ? Winds from 20 to 25 knots are perfect for kitesurfing during the summer.

Handling the equipment and and listen the different instructions…it’s time to jump into the water. But first of all, we learn the rules of safety ... This huge beach near from La Rochelle is a spot to know if you want to learn kitesurfing with your family. 

What do we like in Châtelaillon? 

The perfect orientation of the wind (the slide shore), but also the ability to test kitesurfing on the water (thanks to a safety boat) or on the beach!

Book your kitesurf session in  Chatelaillon near from La Rochelle : 
17 rue de chinon - 17340 Chatelaillon   

A helping hand ?

But the “kitesurfing”, what is it exactly ?

Imagine yourself standing on a surfboard towed by a large kite ... Kitesurfing is a thrilling sport that must be absolutely tested during your stay in La Rochelle. 

Do you want to test "kite-foil ? 

At the moment, we often talk about it, it's the one that revolutionizes the world of kite, wind, surf and wake. The principle is simple: we add a kind of mast under the board which makes us take off from the water! Always pulled by the kite, the speed gives us the impression of flying! Activity to test for thrill seekers! 

A "side shore" wind, why is it better?

The side shore is the wind that comes from the water towards the ground, and that is parallel to the beach! The wind is ideal to start kitesurfing!