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La Rochelle Jazz Festival

Jazz and blues From Tuesday 11 to Saturday 15 October 2022.
La Rochelle Jazz Festival
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111 boulevard Emile Delmas
17000 - La Rochelle
The 25th edition of the unmissable jazz event in La Rochelle, in partnership with La Sirène - Espace Musiques Actuelles.
Tuesday October 11, 2022 - GOGO PENGUIN
9pm - La Sirène
GoGo Penguin is hailed worldwide as an electrifying, innovative collective that combines electronic culture and club music with minimalist, jazz and rock influences to create music that ranges from the dance floor to meditative inner worlds, transporting us into original worlds. 2022 also marks the touring debut of drummer Jon Scott, who brings his own unique and exhilarating style to the trio's music.

Apero Jazz
7:30 pm - La Rochelle Jazz Club - Obradović-Tixier Duo
This duo evolves with a feline ease in the middle of the plural instruments that they distribute and master with class. No gratuitous fiddling: here, the effect is handled with subtlety, in a thoughtful way. One feels that everything has been carefully thought out, but the performance is very much alive, organic.

Wednesday October 12 - 8pm - La Sirène
Géraldine Laurent " Cooking
In her incessant quest for the true emotions of jazz, we hear her crossed by the souls of Rollins, Dolphy, Coltrane, Hawkins or Parker and "Cooking", because in music as in cooking, it is a team affair to measure each ingredient for the perfection so ephemeral of the final result. And because we love to hear the passing musician feeling this pleasure when he pushes the door of the club and exclaims, amazed: wow... cooking!

+ 1st part - Christian Escoudé Unit 5 "Ancrage
The guitarist Christian Escoudé offers a new repertoire completely original. The musical color is part of a melodic-harmonic jazz, illustrated by a tribute to the saxophonist Paul Desmond and by a Suite in several movements referring to his origins in Charente.

Aperitif Jazz
6:30 pm - La Rochelle Jazz Club - Thomas Mayeras Trio
Pianist very noticed and supported by the festival, Thomas Mayeras captivates by his musicality and the richness of his melodic universe. Thomas delivers a musical landscape that appeals by its taste and confirms his mastery in the conception of the art of the trio.

Thursday, October 13th - 8pm - La Sirène
Yaron Herman Solo
Pianist Yaron Herman is a great diverter, going from the most sinuous improvisation to the most colorful pop. Today, it is in solo that he will perform. He is undoubtedly one of the jazz pianists who most values melody and the emotions it generates, developing a unique art of improvisation that tells us a perfectly structured story.

+ Part 1 - MarcO Poingt Trio
MarcO Poingt, winner of the Jazz ConneXion springboard, is already an artist with recognized talent in both jazz and classical music. This diversity of modes and sounds is his trademark. For his new project, he shares the stage with two remarkable musicians who enrich his music even more by bringing new colors and textures.

Aperitif Jazz
6:30 pm - La Rochelle Jazz Club - Drapagoa
In the group Drapagoa co-founded by Thomas Gaucher, the musicians Orélio Paladini, Cyril Drapé and Lévi Harvey are also composers and contribute to the repertoire. This quartet gives to listen a jazz which plunges the listener in the surprise and the discovery of numerous horizons.

Friday, October 14 - 8pm - La Sirène
Erik Truffaz cultivates more than ever a unique identity, at the confluence of jazz, hip-hop and electronic music.
His "Red Moon" is the result of a perfect alignment. In the tense lyricism of his brilliant quartet, his chiseled compositions, his infinite repetitions, his harmonic structures give goose bumps.
"Lune Rouge" is like a journey into space, towards unknown underwater worlds and uncharted peaks.

+ 1st part
Tony Paeleman Trio "The Fuse
Tony Paeleman, master of the Fender Rhodes, offers with his 3rd album as a leader a sparkling jazz fusion that links past (80s and 90s), present and future. Impossible to resist the power of this organic, groovy, indie-jazz and electro opus where the harmonic inventions fuse.

Aperitif Jazz
6:30 pm - La Rochelle Jazz Club - Alex Grenier 4TET
The guitarist and composer Alex Grenier has won many competitions (Sète, Nice...) and never stops exploring new sound territories. Latin-jazz flights, blues ballads, funky jazz "à la Headhunters" ... all these explosive delights of his trio will make you move and capsize.

* evening " tribute to dr. john " : Matthis Pascaud & Hugh Coltman " Night Trippin
Saturday, October 15th - 8pm - La Sirène
Guitarist Matthis Pascaud and singer Hugh Coltman pay tribute to the great New Orleans pianist, singer and songwriter Dr. John. Night Trippin" explores his sixties period, a sultry mix of New Orleans folk-blues, the band's electric vibe and Hugh Coltman's delicately hoarse voice.

+ 1st part
Alfio Origlio & Celia Kameni "Secret Places
Alfio Origlio, one of the greatest French pianists, and Célia Kameni, a rising star of vocal jazz, revive inventive songs from the pop, jazz and French song repertoires. Alfio's flamboyant playing and Celia's sense of improvisation supported by a shocking rhythmic will make you live a delightful artistic experience.

Aperitif Jazz
6:30 pm - La Rochelle Jazz Club - Rodolphe Lauretta
Rodolphe Lauretta continues his explorations around the vast repertoire of standards, rearranged, diverted, mixed with new compositions.
The prism of the trio without harmonic instrument, dear to the saxophonist, allows always more risk-taking and surprises.

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From Tuesday 11 to Saturday 15 October 2022.

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