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Parking-Relais Beaulieu

Car park Transit stop Parc Relais
Parking-Relais Beaulieu
Parking relais Beaulieu
17138 - Puilboreau
From the east of the agglomeration, park at the Beaulieu Park and Ride: you can take the high frequency ILLICO 4 line (Puilboreau : Beaulieu <> La Rochelle : Les Minimes).
Open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
150 seats
Your bus routes from this park and ride
ILLICO 4 - Puilboreau : Beaulieu <> La Rochelle : Les Minimes (destination Downtown : Dames-Blanches)

Transport tickets
To use a park-and-ride facility, you must purchase one of the following tickets:

Park-and-Ride ticket (valid for all the occupants of the car if there are several of you)
24-hour or 7-day unlimited ticket (valid for one person), or Tribu ticket (valid for all occupants of the car - 5 people max.)
bus pass (valid only for the holder of the pass)
At the Jean Moulin Park & Ride, there are specific passes and rates for campers.

Terms and conditions
For season ticket holders, validate your card to access the parking lot, then again when boarding the bus. For non-subscribers, access the parking lot, get on the bus and buy your ticket on the bus. Keep it, it will be used to take your car out of the parking lot.
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Périodes d'ouvertures
All year round.

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