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The best hiking in La Rochelle

Balade à la rochelle
Fred Le Lan

For the lovers of pedestrian hiking, La Rochelle has a lot of things. In town, along a river, on the coast or in the heart of a village near La Rochelle, discover the territory by hiking!

 1. The urban tour in the heart of La Rochelle

Who says passage to La Rochelle, said necessarily walk in the heart of the city! Following the cobblestone streets of the historic center, let yourself be seduced by the charm of the monuments' facades, half-timbered houses and small craftsmen's shops. For a gourmet break, relax in one of the bars along the quays.

You will see
•    The towers of La Rochelle
•    The old harbour and the marina
•    The door of Grosse Horloge
•    Church Saint-Sauveur
•    The Cathédrale Saint-Louis

 2. Les randonnées au départ ou passant par La Rochelle

Whether you're a fan or a walking expert, choose your favorite route from La Rochelle's 30 marked hiking trails! On a half-day or for the whole day, it is according to your desires: the loops proposed range from 2 km to 12 km.

If you want to enjoy the emblematic landscapes of the region, we advise you to start with the hikes along the coast! Between the fresh ocean air and the incredible panoramic view, consider taking your camera!

Few ideas : 

Walk along the water :
•    Allong the Canal of Rompsay 
•    Marsilly to Esnandes 
•    Pointe de Roux of Aytré direction to Chay of Angoulins

Discover the small villages around La Rochelle :
•    Port du Plomb between Nieul-sur-Mer and l’Houmeau 
•    Port de Loiron to Angoulins
•    Boucholeurs to the Baie d’Yves…

Want to bike ride ? 

You are in the right place ! On La Rochelle and its agglomeration, it is 232 km of bike development that are to go. No more hesitation, get into the assault of bike paths, greenways and other many trails for bike rides.

3. Discovery hikes around La Rochelle

Prepare your calves, the program is well loaded! In total, there are 17 trails of discovery that are to explore La Rochelle and its surroundings. From 1h to 4h walk, choose the route that suits you.

Whatever the path traveled, make a stop in front of the explanatory panels that punctuate your path: you will discover the cultural and natural secrets of your go. No more hesitation, get into the assault of bike paths, greenways and other many trails for bike rides.

To get more ideas, go to the Office of Tourism !
Idea of hiking : 

Star to the small village of Esnandes, north from La Rochelle ! During 2h30, explore 9km trail. You will travel between land and sea and you will discover a lot of incredible landscape.

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