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The markets

Marché La Rochelle
Les Conteurs

Tasty and friendly

La Rochelle's must-see 19th century market halls

La Rochelle’s market takes place in the 19th century market halls, right in the heart of the Vieille Ville (old town).  There is a big market on Wednesdays and Saturdays where the cheese, flower and vegetable stalls spill out into the surrounding streets. It is open until 1.30pm every day, all year round.

The market was established from 1834 to 1836 at the Grande Boucherie, the town’s first meat market hall. The market is a must if you want to be drawn in by the local products. The market’s charm is also owed to the terraces of the surrounding cafes and bars where you can enjoy the market’s warm atmosphere early in the morning and in the early evening. 

At the market, a whole aisle is dedicated to seafood, with sea bass, cuttlefish, sardines, prawns, oysters and mussels, you will be welcomed in open arms by fishermen, oyster farmers and mussel farmers. Some traders have had a place at the market for several generations, like Chez Mélie who has been expanding his stall ever since 1891! 

La Pallice market, where food meets peddlers

Another big market in La Rochelle is the market in the La Pallice district. Open every Sunday morning from 8am to 1pm, it is spread over two sections, with one for the usual peddler sellers, selling hats, accessories and all kinds of other things, and the other for food and the small market halls.

Less central, this market is found in the west of La Rochelle and is well-known by the locals who know all the best hot-spots. It’s where you’ll find your favourite trader, bump into a neighbour, family or friends and experience a friendly and personable atmosphere. 

Greengrocers, market gardeners, fishermen, oyster farmers, cheesemongers, pork butchers, poultry farmers, deli workers and bakers all make your mouth water in this big square which comes alive every weekend of the year, as it bursts with thousands of colours and smells!

Title H3: The village markets, a tasty walk
The village markets in the area around La Rochelle make for the perfect place to wander between stalls looking for inspiration for your lunch and dinner. With a friendly atmosphere, traders will love introducing you to local products. Don’t hesitate to ask them what you should try for the best recommendations! 

Start off by going out on the terrace of one of the surrounding cafes, soaking in the tranquility of the morning before throwing yourself into the jovial hustle and bustle of the village markets. 

Huitres au marché
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Eat your oysters at the market

In the early evening...

Some traders around La Rochelle’s central market have partnered up with the suppliers: buy your oysters on the market then immediately enjoy them outside over a little glass of white wine*!

*Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, consume in moderation.


Marché La Rochelle
Les Conteurs

Follow the guide! 

A gourmet trip through the market

La Rochelle’s central market is showcased between timber-framed houses covered in slates and Renaissance façades. Wander through the market hall aisles to enjoy the local flavours and soak up the warm atmosphere, all in a visit. 

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