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chais de cognac
Xavier Garreau

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Exceptional products : Cognac and Pineau*

Cognac is the product of an alchemy which combines grape variety, clayey soils nourished by the sea climate, double distillation, blending and finally ageing in oak casks. As a very high quality brandy, 90% of which is exported to around 160 countries, it is a symbol of France and its “lifestyle”.

Whether it’s red, rosé or white, Pineau des Charentes is the leading wine in French liqueurs and has been a PDO product since 1945. Produced in a vineyard on land and sea, it extends over the limestone hillsides of Charente and Charente-Maritime. 80% of the 95,000 hectolitres produced come from Charente-Maritime.

Charentais pork scratchings, stuffing and “fagot charentais”  

It is at our butchers-deli that you will be able to find delicious Charentais pork scratchings and the surprising stuffing. The stuffing is made up of a herb and green vegetable pâté, with spinach, leeks, sorrel, salad leaves and chard leaves. It is generally made in spring when the garden is full of herbs.

Another speciality similar to the pâté is “fagot charentais” made up of tender pieces of finely chopped pork fillet which have been marinated in Cognac. A 100% Charentais recipe!

As for the Charentais scratchings, they are made of pork skin cooked in pork fat and they make for the perfect snack, whatever the time is! 

The Charentais biscuit

The Charentais biscuit is a local speciality which is still very traditional. It used to be eaten at village festivities, weddings, christenings or communions. Nowadays, they are eaten with coffee or as a snack and are enjoyed by everyone, from kids to grannies.

Plain, stuffed or filled with lovely little candied pieces of lemon peel, almonds or dried fruit, it comes in a wide range of flavours!  

Eclade d'Esnandes
Infiniment Charentes

Esnandes, cooking mussels “éclade” style 

A typical mussel based recipe

“Éclade” is a very distinctive dish with its mussels packed tightly together and with the opening slot pointing downwards. Once positioned over a griddle, the mussels are covered in dried pine needles which are then set on fire. Once the needles are consumed in flames, the ashes are dusted off and the mussels are ready to eat!

Buvez un surfer
Xavier Garreau

Drink a surfer

A Cognac based cocktail*

The Surfer is a cocktail made up of Cognac, tonic, ice and a thin slice of lemon or lime. A refreshing drink to enjoy whilst dreamily looking out at sea... 

"La Jonchée" 

“La Jonchée” is a speciality in Saintonge in the north of Charente-Maritime and in the south of Deux-Sèvres. It is a very fresh cheese made of curdled cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s milk that has been drained through a “natte de jonc” (rush mat) which is where it gets its name from. It is enjoyed as a dessert with sugar or jam. Its texture is similar to that of a flan.

Chabichou du Poitou

This goat’s cheese resembles a little 5-7cm cone which is distinguished by its rind, which is normally white but is sometimes greyish blue, and its subtle, salty flavour. The inside of the cheese melts in the mouth, creating a delicious contrast to its spicy rind. It can be enjoyed young, mature or dry.

Chabichou du Poitou has been a Controlled Designation of Origin product since 1990 and a Protected Designation of Origin Product since 1996. 

*Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, consume in moderation.

Les carnets de Julie

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