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The must-see beaches of La Rochelle

Petite fille jouant dans la mer
Les Conteurs

People come to La Rochelle for its historical treasures, for its gentle way of life and also for its long cycle paths along the coast... But how can you imagine a stay in the White City without a beach day? We give you our top 6 of the most beautiful beaches in and around La Rochelle!

Take the air on the city beaches

After visiting the historic centre of La Rochelle, there is nothing like a refreshing break on one of the three essential beaches of the maritime city.

Plage de La Concurrence, near the historic town

On the banks of La Rochelle’s Vieux Port and its famous towers, discover plage de la Concurrence, , the perfect place for a family day out. Apart from lazing about on the sand, you can also find places to eat and things to entertain the kids nearby: merry-go-rounds, see-saws, mini-golf, a bouncy castle and dodgems. Further up, you can enjoy the fresh Parc Charruyer which has a lovely walk where you can see little streams and rare species as well as a wildlife park that your kids will love! Don’t forget to take a detour through the Mail where there are blooming flowerbeds, green areas and incredible houses.

Our favourite thing: it's a completely non-smoking beach.

Plage des Minimes, sailing vibe

Plage des Minimes is located between Minimes Port de Plaisance (marina) and Parc des Pères and it’s the biggest beach in La Rochelle. With its little shops and eateries, it welcomes lots of tourists in July and August. To get there, you just have to pop on the sea bus! You can get the sea bus from the Vieux Port and you can use it like a mini cruise. And after your day at the beach, why not head to Parc des Pères and Pointe des Minimes where you will find a quirky lighthouse in front of you which is an exact replica of the Phare du Bout du Monde lighthouse.

Our favourite: the view of the lighthouse at the end of the world!

Plage de Chef de Baie, at the end of the promenade

To get to the Plage de Chef de Baie in the Port-Neuf district, a lovely walk is waiting for you, starting from the historical centre. Follow the waterfront along the Promenade de La Concurrence before cutting through Parc d'Orbigny where there is a mix of green areas and view points looking out over the sea. Take the time to marvel at the richness of La Rochelle’s coast: with the Port de Plaisance, the Phare du Bout du Monde lighthouse and loads of others.

Then keep walking along the waterfront. You will be there in around 15mins. With a little white sandy beach sheltered from the wind and a grass pitch where kids can have fun... all in all it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy everything the beach has to offer!

Ce qu’on préfère : l'immense pelouse qui domine la plage pour se retrouver en famille ou entre amis, le temps d'un pique-nique ou d'une partie de raquettes (casquettes indispensables en été sur cet espace entièrement dégagé).

Volleyeurs plage des Minimes
Kamel Lahmadi
Volley sur la plage des Minimes
Enfants les pieds dans l'eau Plage des Minimes
Kamel Lahmadi
Les pieds dans l'eau plage des Minimes
Mère et fils mangeant une glace plage des Minimes
Farid Makhlouf
Glace plage des Minimes
Enfant faisant du skimboard plage de La Concurrence
Les Conteurs
Skimboard plage de la Concurrence
Plage de la concurrence en famille
Les Conteurs
Plage de la concurrence en famille

The great sandy beaches around La Rochelle

Plage d'Aytré, lively all summer

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region and also one of the largest with its 3.5 km of sand... A paradise for kite surfers, kite enthusiasts and other windsurfers, Aytré beach is always appreciated by sportsmen and women in search of great sensations.

The beach of Aytré is also called the "Platin" because the "flat" of the beach stretches far out to sea. Because it is a long beach, the Platin is a safe place for families with young children. Even if it is impossible to swim there for the moment, the beach of Aytré is a must for those who like long walks with their feet in the sand and in summer, you can taste artisanal ice creams or find something to drink and eat in the huts located at the end of the beach.

Favourite thing about it: the breathtaking view of the horizon

The beach of Châtelaillon-Plage: a paradise for children

Châtelaillon-plage is really the beach that children always ask for. Here, everything is done so that the little ones feel like fish in the water. The adventure begins as soon as you leave the car park: animal totems serve as landmarks on the beach! The 2.5 km of golden sand is the perfect playground for fun and making the most beautiful sand castles. If they still have energy to spare, take them to the beach club to enjoy the many activities and games available.

What we like best: on a clear day, you can see the island of Aix and Fort Boyard in the distance!

Femme marchant sur la plage de Châtelaillon-Plage
Balade sur le sable plage de Châtelaillon-Plage
Balade à vélo le long de la plage de Châtelaillon-Plage
Les Conteurs
Balade à vélo le long de la plage de Châtelaillon-Plage
Grande plage de Châtelaillon-Plage
Les Conteurs
Grande plage de sable à Châtelaillon-Plage

Beaches in nature... all along the coastline

Swimming or walking... to each his own.

The secret beach of La Platère in Angoulins

Located in the south-east of the town of Angoulins-sur-Mer, on the Atlantic tip of the town, La Platère beach is just under a kilometre long. This small beach, which is supervised in summer, is appreciated for its tranquillity and its nature. And when the sea retreats, a pleasant alternative is offered to you: the pleasure of fishing on foot towards the Pointe du Chay. 

In Angoulins-sur-mer, at the port of Loiron, you will also find small natural coves. In these narrow coves you can, if not actually swim, cool off in the water between two sunbaths.

Favourite thing about it: in summer, there is a small beach library where you can sunbathe while devouring a good book.

The wild beach of l'Houmeau

The beach of l'Houmeau is distinguished by its seaside made of pretty pebbles from the surrounding cliffs. Rounded pebbles, the sea currents have polished them and carried them to this cove, from which you can see the arches of the Ile de Ré bridge. Equipped with plastic sandals, you can enjoy swimming on this very natural and calm beach.

Our favourite: the walk on top of the cliffs, which offers beautiful views of the surroundings.

Plage de l'Houmeau
Les Conteurs
Plage de l'Houmeau
Jeune femme marchant sur des rochers le long de la plage
Balade plage de La Platère

La Rochelle in family

Enjoy La Rochelle with your family: good deals, activities, nature outings...