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La Rochelle’s marathon: Serge Vigot

Médaille marathon
Franck Moreau

The perfect blend of competitive spirit and friendliness!

The race

It was in 1991 at the foot of the famous towers that La Rochelle’s marathon was first launched. In France, it is second only to the Paris marathon and on the last weekend in November it attracts more than 10,000 runners. From the morning, you won’t miss the brave runners in bold colours, trainers on, both excited and scared but ready to go! As you get close to the city centre, you will quickly be immersed in the spirit of the race with flares, busy cafes and information ringing out over the tannoy, there is a buzz throughout the whole town on this day that matches the runners’ strides

5 different routes are offered, making this great sporting event accessible to as many people as possible. There is obviously the Marathon but also the Duo with 2 runners who do it as a relay, the 10K, the Business Challenge and the route for disabled people. 

Every year, the day before the big day, there is a friendly 4km run called “Chauffe Gambettes” (Warm up your pins) around Vieux Port. It’s open to everyone and you don’t have to sign up in advance... maybe it will make you want to do the real thing?

The route: between land and sea

The route is over 42,195km, is made up of two loops and takes you to the heart of La Rochelle’s districts. You will pass through the Minimes district before moving into Saint-Maurice until the Parc de Mireuil then Port-Neuf by the sea. The last few quick kilometres will take you along the green Allée de Mail, through the parks then towards the centre of the historic town where the finishing line is next to La Rochelle’s famous towers.

The Marathon Village

Located in the buildings in the Encan area, every year the marathon village is set up every year with lots of stands. It’s the chance to discover the latest running equipment or why not find your next challenge in of the 30 routes which are shown.

It’s also at the Marathon Village where the traditional “Pasta Party” is organised. The night before the race it welcomes 1350 people for a lovely evening with all the runners. There is always spaghetti, food and drink and a friendly atmosphere at this event. 

Supporters du marathon
Francis Giraudon

Would you rather be a supporter?

Enjoy the activities all around the circuit

A dozen orchestras are going to liven up the race throughout the event. In the Espace Encan square, at La Corniche in Port-Neuf, at Parc de Mireuil, on the Plateau Nautique... Come along and cheer on the runners and be a part of the event’s fun atmosphere!

Course sur plage
Pauline Bachelier

Put your trainers on 

Running on holiday

The seaside and the rural paths in La Rochelle and the villages in the surrounding area are great for escapism and for doing some sport during your stay. With the sea air propelling you on, the sunrise or sunset as a backdrop or the sweet smell of the fields... you are going to love keeping in shape while on holiday!