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St. Louis Cathedral

Historic site and monument Religious heritage Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral
17 rue Chaudrier
17000 - La Rochelle
After the Siege of 1628, the Catholics saw fit to make the former Protestant stronghold the head of a diocese. So it needed a cathedral. Jacques Gabriel drew up the plans but died just before the first stone was laid in 1742. His son and successor, Jacques-Ange Gabriel, directed the construction from afar, helped in 1773 by the advice of a commission that included Soufflot. Lack of money repeatedly interrupted the work. Finally, in 1784 the Bishop Monseigneur de Crussol d'Uzès was able to bless the cathedral. Inside, it’s worth mentioning the paintings of the dome made by William Bouguereau in the 19th century and the votive offering of the Mariners’ Chapel, painted between the 17th and 18th centuries.
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