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Chasse au trésor Terra Aventura
Chasse au trésor Terra Aventura

Chasse au trésor Terra Aventura

Chasse au trésor Terra Aventura
Centre-ville et agglomération
17000 - La Rochelle
Terra Aventura is a treasure hunt based on the principle of geocaching. Discover with your family or friends unusual places and anecdotes in La Rochelle and the surrounding villages

Terra Aventura is a game that combines a walk with the discovery of the region's heritage and natural riches. It is an activity that combines sport and culture for the pleasure of young and old, engaged in an extraordinary adventure!

The routes lead you to the discovery of a treasure. But to get there the path is strewn with riddles to solve, often full of surprises and humor. In the treasure are hidden Poï'z, small characters with strong character, to collect (in virtual form). These little imaginary beings indicate the theme of the walk: Zéfaim for gastronomy, Zouti for crafts, Zilex, for prehistory, Zéroïk for the medieval period...

Two tours in La Rochelle and the surrounding area:
"Aux Tours de La Rochelle": downtown La Rochelle:
Theme: Maritime heritage
Difficulty : **
Duration : 1h30 - 2h
Distance : 3 km
Terrain : * (accessible to strollers)
Infos : Underground parking near the Tourist Office: [gps]["N 46°09.329'","W 001°08.953'","46.1554833","-1.1492167"]

"Les perles du plomb" : L'Houmeau and Nieul-sur-Mer (Route temporarily unavailable due to protection works against the risk of marine submersion) :
Theme: Viewpoints, nature
Difficulty : ***
Duration : + 2h
Distance : 6.5 km
Terrain : ** (accessible by bike)
Infos : To park near the starting point: beach parking: (N46°11.272' / W001°12.177')

To play, simply download the application on a smartphone via Google Play or App Store or bring a GPS and a roadmap.
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