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Le Trésor des Océames

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Le Trésor des Océames
Cours des Dames
17000 - La Rochelle
Passionate and creator of logic, reflection and observation games for many years, I propose several enigma courses of different levels allowing you to discover the unusual places of La Rochelle / Ile-de-Ré.
These courses are adapted to a large public, two, family, friends or other groups (EVJF/G, companies, schools...).

Currently I offer :
- 4 courses for adults/teens.
- 2 courses for children.
(See details on the courses below).
Courses 1 and 4 are also available in digital version.

You leave with a complete kit according to the course (bag, instruction book, mystery grid, various objects) that I give you at the start. At the end of the first test, everything is automatically done. You follow the instructions, solve the riddles and avoid the many traps. Return to the starting point and debrief at the end of the game.

☞ Only one fee per TEAM regardless of the number of participants (except course 2).
☞ Open every day, all year round, weekends and holidays.
☞ You leave at the time you want (depending on availability).
☞ Full kit provided (to be returned at the end of the course).
☞ You are autonomous, you go at your own pace.
☞ You are never stuck, I remain available if needed.
☞ Small surprise at the end of the course.

DESCRIPTION of the Courses (1 - 2 - 4 - 5) - Adults/teens:

Route 1: Treasure Hunt / The Oceanic Treasure - 2h00 - 3 km.
This route allows you to visit the city center of La Rochelle on the trail of the Templars. You will go to places that are not very frequented (arcades, unusual passages, courtyards, dead ends...). The tour is based on observation, detail and includes many subtleties and traps.
Recommended from 12 years old, even if in family the majority of the children from 8/11 years old appreciate this game.

Course 2: Escape Game / The Sixth Sense - 2h00 - 2,5 km.
This course (outdoor) takes place mainly on the port of La Rochelle. The course does not allow you to discover the city center but offers a panoramic view of the city and the Towers. It is based on experiments (tests on touch, sight, smell, hearing, etc.) that will allow you to evaluate your sensory abilities.
Generally this course is better perceived by the youngest (7/11 years old) when there are some.

Course 4: Escape Jail / Prisoner of Time - 2h00 - 2,5 km.
This course does not take place in La Rochelle. Please contact me for more details.
With this course, you will evolve in a labyrinth city with multiple alleys/valleys more unusual than the others. Just like for the course 1, the game is based on observation. You will have to be attentive to the smallest details to avoid the traps and not get lost in the corridors of Time.

Course 5: Escape Tour / La Cavale des 4 Sergents - 2h00 - 2,0 km.
Halfway between Escape Game and Treasure Hunt, dive into the tragic history of the 4 Sergeants of La Rochelle. Atypical and varied outdoor course (ramparts, emblematic towers of the city, beach, animal park with trees). It does not allow to visit the city center. The game is based on observation and detail as for the first course and also includes some small experiments and fun manipulations.
It will allow you to learn a little more about the tragic history of the 4 Sergeants of La Rochelle.

DESCRIPTION of the Courses (3 and 6) - Children 6*/12 years old :
* Riddles may need to be read and explained to children 6/7 years old.

Route 3: The Secret of the Lighthouse at the End of the World - 1h30 - 1,5 km.
The Secret of the Lighthouse at the End of the World is a treasure hunt for children aged 6 to 11. This game takes place on the edge of the ocean, in Les Minimes, in a park of more than 6 hectares, one of the most pleasant places in the city. The game is based on observation.

Route 6: The Legend of the Park / The Adventures of Olor and Juanito - 1h30 - 2.0 km.
This treasure hunt is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old. It takes place near the city center of La Rochelle on an atypical and varied itinerary (ramparts, Tour de la Lanterne, beach) to finish in an animal park. The game is based on observation. There are some manipulation tests.

Have a good adventure...
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