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La Rochelle Evénements (hereafter referred to as LRE), by order of the City of La Rochelle performs administrative public service tasks laid out in Articles L.133-1 and the following articles of the Code of Tourism, Hospitality and Tourism Information.
In this framework, LRE also develops and markets the services and tourism activities to expand the range of products on offer and increase the attractiveness of the destination La Rochelle.
These terms and conditions determine the conditions of sale and delivery of visits and stays organised by La Rochelle Evénements on behalf of its clients.

Any service is sold and carried out in accordance with articles 211-3 to 211-11 of the Code of Tourism
To conduct this activity, LRE is registered in the Register of Holiday and Travel Operators issued by Atout France as No. IM017110002, has a financial guarantee and a civil liability insurance contract.
The customer agrees to respect the clauses of the contract and keep LRE informed of any changes in connection with the smooth running of the contract.

The validity of the contract or contracts is only effective after the signature of the contract or contracts by the parties and the payment of a deposit of 50% of the amounts due taking the sale into consideration for contracts for an amount exceeding 1,000€ excluding taxes.
Any contract produced within 15 days of the service, will be due in full. The balance of payment must be made 8 days prior to the service, unless otherwise agreed.
The client acknowledges having read and signed the terms and conditions attached to this contract.
Rates are those of the current year.
Upon receipt of the balance, LRE sends the client the travel voucher(s) that the client gives to the providers on arrival.

LRE expressly reserves the right not to contract, temporarily or permanently, or cancel, either due to incomplete disclosure of previously required information, due to the non-delivery or non-production in due course of the administrative authorisations that the law or the regulations impose upon the customer, or on the grounds of proven or disclosed inadequacy of the customer's request with the subject, sense or image of the City.

To offer the best guarantee of service and value for money, LRE has built up a network of selected and trustworthy professionals, operating their activity in compliance with regulations.
The participants must be present at the place, day and time specified on the travel voucher.

Modification by LRE
In the event of modification of all or part of a reservation, LRE must inform the customer by any means.

Modification by the customer:
In the event of late or deferred arrival or last minute cancellation, the customer must immediately inform LRE, contact details for which are listed on the voucher. Services that are not carried out for this reason will not be subject to any refund.
The schedule must be observed to ensure the smooth running of the service. In the event of delay with no contact from the customer regarding his arrival time, the reservation is guaranteed at the service provider's discretion.
If the service provider is obliged not to wait for late customers, a postponement will be proposed to the customer. If no alternative date can be found, only the customer is responsible for his delay and a penalty of 100% of the service amount will be charged.
For guided tours, the number of places being limited on each visit, the issued tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.
All requests for cancellation must clearly mention the reservation number, name and contact information of persons affected by the cancellation.
Cancellation by the customer of a part of the service ordered is considered as a partial cancellation.
Any request for cancellation will be retained solely upon declaration made imperatively in writing to LRE and not to tourism providers.

Cancellation by LRE:
In the event of cancellation of all or part of a reservation, LRE must inform the customer by any means, propose a postponement of the activity or guarantee him a refund without penalties of the sums paid.
In the event of force majeure (event external to the parties with both an unpredictable and insurmountable character), any activity is likely to be cancelled by LRE which must warn the customer and provide a postponement.
The customer, without prejudice to recourse in reparation for any incurred losses, will be refunded without penalty of the sums paid.

Cancellation by the customer:
In the event of cancellation of the service within one month of the date of completion, the entire contract will be due.

For any dispute arising in connection with this contract or any following contracts, must be sent by post to LRE, within 10 days of the date of completion of the service.
The COMMERCIAL COURT OF LA ROCHELLE shall be the sole competent authority. This express conferral of authority applies also in the case of multiple defendants and for all requests, even incidental, for intervention or the introduction of third parties.
Contracts between SAEM La Rochelle Evénements and the Customer are governed by French law and only the French text of the contract documents shall prevail.