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Instant bien-être - La Source
Instant bien-être - La Source

Instant bien-être - La Source

Instant bien-être - La Source
140 boulevard Emile Delmas
17000 - La Rochelle
Between the island of Ré and the Old Port of La Rochelle, we propose you to take a moment only for you. Between boat, bike and aperitif, let us pamper you with one of our massages skintao, chi nei sang or slimming for example!

The Skintao facial massage is an innovative method that tones and plumps the entire face in order to reduce wrinkles. This technique has the effect of lifting the lower face and promotes a beautiful natural complexion while inducing a deep relaxation and a real state of well-being. It is a facial massage that alternates dynamic techniques with smoothing and effleurage techniques combined with dexterous hand movements and quick finger strokes on the different parts of the face. Thanks to our facialist Nathalie, find all the "glow" of your youth.

During the treatment, the practitioner checks the global neuromuscular balance and locates the deviations of the spine through precise tests. For each vertebra and each joint, there is a choice of tests that will determine the side of the vertebral blockage, and allow the selection of the joints to be treated. These blockages cause joint malfunction and trigger pain. Following the necessary corrections, the practitioner then proceeds to a massage of the treated areas and then to a more subtle and energetic harmonization in its entirety.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach is often considered as our second brain. Indeed, Chinese philosophy is based on the fact that the belly is the center of our emotions. Chi Nei Tsang, derived from Qi Gong, is a belly massage that focuses on the internal organs. Chi Nei Tsang is a visceral and holistic approach. It involves a dynamic handling of the abdomen through a pleasant and deep touch. Objectives: to help the internal organs of the body to function more easily.

Thai yoga massage is practiced lying on a futon, wearing soft clothes. It consists of a series of gentle stretches, mobilizations, and pressure on specific points of the meridians. The benefits of this massage are immediate: it releases muscular tension, gets the blood and energy flowing. It also allows more movement in the joints. It relieves stress-related contractures, back pain (e.g. lumbago) and improves posture. It provides a feeling of relaxation and inner peace.

The Sensitiv Gestalt Massage (SGM) proposes to experience oneself through one's body. Through a right touch, the "sensory" massage awakens to the diversity of sensations and allows to feel oneself little by little as a whole, a Gestalt. A word of German origin meaning form, that is to say a global whole, a complete being. Because knowing one's body better is knowing oneself better, Sensitiv Gesltalt Massage promotes awareness of emotions and tensions in the here and now, whatever their origins. It is not about dealing with the why, but with the how. Objective: a positive restructuring in everyday life. By facilitating access to the body, the massage therapist allows the person being massaged to get in touch with his or her potential and to unblock physical and energetic blockages.

The slimming massage combines the palpate-roll technique and friction to promote drainage. During the session, each gesture is designed to activate the lymphatic circulation to help the body eliminate. The pressures exerted can be painful but their objective is to dislodge the fatty clusters responsible for the orange peel skin. Certain areas, such as the thighs, buttocks and stomach are particularly targeted during the massage to help remove unsightly bulges.

The gestures of the massage act in depth, circulate the energies and provide an incomparable well-being. These practices come from very ancient traditions of India, they aim to find a balance, a thousand-year-old wisdom and relieve many ailments, both physical and mental. The proposed care varies according to the need of the person and its energy state: ABHYANGA, UDVARTANA, SHIROABHYANGA.
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Opening From 01/01 to 31/07, daily.

From 01/09 to 31/12, daily.


One price: 60 to 120 €.


Beauty treatments


Close to a trunk road
Town location
Close to a public transportation
Bus stop < 500 m
City bike station < 500 m

Spoken languages


Payment method

Bank/credit card

Reception of animals

Pets welcome

Accessibilité Tourisme & Handicap

Hearing disability
Mental disability
Visual disability
Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance
Minimum aisle width of 90 cm
Doors >=77 cm wide
WC + grab handle + adequate space to move
Possibility of drop-off in front of the site

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