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Yélomobile, a shared electric car

Since July 2015, Yélo, the area’s public transport network has come up with an exciting way to rent out electric cars: the Yélomobile stop.

The principal

You take a Yélomobile car from one of the 13 stations in La Rochelle and Aytré and you give it back to any station you want. The rates are divided into hours of rental with the prices going down with every additional hour but you are charged by the minute. Users can manage their Yélomobile account online.


€5 for the first 30 minutes* +€5 subscription fee
* there is a flat rate for the first 30 minutes and from then on pricing is calculated per minute.
Therefore if you take a Yélomobile to go on two journeys during your holiday week, that will only cost you €16.12 (20 minutes for the first journey and 37 minutes for the second).

How do I sign up ?

To make the most of this scheme, go to:

  • The website Yélomobile
  • The harbour master’s office in Port des Minimes
  • The Yélo hut in Place de La Motte Rouge
  • The Yélo House in Verdum Square
  • The Yélomobile Agency, Avenue de 123ème R.I

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