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Winter by the sea

Published 11/12/2019 - Updated 05/03/2021
Plage Boucholeurs
Sophie Nogues

A change of scenery, coastal landscapes, invigorating fresh air, open spaces on the horizon and in the distance and a calm and peaceful atmosphere... make the most of everything the sea has to offer in this city on the Atlantic coast!

Recharge your batteries !

Put your trainers on, throw on a hat and gloves then head to the coast to enjoy long invigorating walks using  the seaside to guide your way!  From Pointe St-Clément in the north to Baie d’Yves in the south, you will be able to follow the dirt path trails through the changing landscapes: the limestone cliffs, delicate dunes, historical buildings and cobbled lanes around the Vieux Port (old port) in La Rochelle... it’s a 70km coastal path punctuated with fishing cabins and pontoons here and there that you can follow to your heart’s content.

In La Rochelle we offer a route that is beach after beach. The more adventurous will do it in one or will cycle it (watch out for the wind!) while the more realistic people will do it in two stages ;-) ! Start at Plage de Chef de Baie near the Port de Pêche (fishing port) and the Port de Commerce (commercial port). You will be surrounded by nature at this first stage because you will take a path surrounded by trees and bushes which will take you to Parc d’Orbigny... before ending up at the Plage de La Concurrence after around 4.5km. Take a well-deserved break on one of the many benches and allow your thoughts to drift as you look out over the sea...

Next, follow the pretty street round until you get to the Vieux Port. Go through the docks to get to the Gabut district. With its colourful graffiti, it’s a must-see if you are a fan of street art! Then go to the outer harbour and the lift bridge, which mark the beginning of Bassin des Chalutiers, to follow the path which goes all the way to the Minimes district. This area is known for its sailing with the big marina where you can admire incredible yachts while listening to the halyards flapping in the wind.  With just a few steps you are on the Plage des Minimes! Go for a dip! If you dare...

Keep fit !

For sports holidays, go running late-afternoon because some evenings the winter sky offers incredible sunsets with pinks, reds, oranges and purples... race against the sun in a stunning setting to keep fit!

Get away from everything in the middle of the sea !

While the sun is out, go on a cruise all about the discovery of Fort Boyard! On leaving La Rochelle, you will be able to go up to the famous fortress and discover all its secrets and how it’s been used throughout history. Added bonus: the boat has heating!
To book your trip (subject to good weather) contact: Croisières Inter-îles or Navipromer.
And if you don’t have sea legs, on a clear day you can see Fort Boyard from the land if you go to Parc des Pères,  where there is also a stunning view of Ré, Aix and Oléron.

It’s all go in La Rochelle this winter!