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The best healthy restaurants in La Rochelle

Restaurant Gurou vegan
Les Conteurs

La Rochelle is a good destination for those who wish to eat healthier and more responsible. Discover our selection of places dedicated to vegans and vegetarians!
Rawcoco, the vegan hangout in La Rochelle

Rawcoco, le repaire vegan à La Rochelle  

Barely the door of the restaurant pushed, it is a multitude of colorful dishes that welcomes you! Here everything is beautiful, everything is organic and above all very good! Take a seat in front of the menus of 100% homemade dishes and test the house specialties like coco curry soup or the famous unpasteurized juice. Fully vegan, Rawcoco has become a true institution for vegetal lovers!

6 Rue Saint-Sauveur
17000, La Rochelle
09 52 09 22 22



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The vegetable canteen Gurou in La Rochelle

Perhaps you have already crossed the food-bike Gurou, which offers since 2017 street food 100% vegetable? See you in the restaurant to discover new flavors, always placed under the sign of gluttony! Hot dogs revisited with the surprising vegetable blanquette, come to satisfy your taste buds in a setting both cozy and warm.

5 Rue des Cloutiers
17000 La Rochelle
06 12 40 52 22



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The delights of Bestiario in La Rochelle

Paradise for vegetarians and vegans hungry, Bestiario is also a card made entirely from fresh and local products! More than just a restaurant, it's also a meeting place: come and talk to Juan and Melanie about your latest recipes, admire the works of the temporary exhibitions or trade books between you! 

1 rue du Brave Rondeau
17000 La Rochelle

Zero waste at the grocery store A bowl of air

The first bulk store in La Rochelle, A breath of fresh air is for everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint. Here, we are against the overpack! A little like a market, bring your own containers and choose the quantity of products you need. To your baskets!

Un bol d’air
12 rue Gambetta
17000 La Rochelle