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Paris just got closer to La Rochelle !

Gare de La Rochelle
Julien Chauvet

The high-speed train line

At the beginning of July 2017 the SNCF launched two new high-speed routes: Océane linking Paris to Bordeaux and Bretagne Pays-de-la-Loire which goes in the direction of Rennes. It’s a first in Europe and the route also helps significantly reduce the journey time between the towns.
Thanks to the extension of the high-speed train line between Tours and Bordeaux (302km), the Atlantic coast can be more readily accessed, as the Paris-Bordeaux route now serves La Rochelle with a 40 minute faster journey time, or in other words, it only takes a total of 2hrs 30mins!
The capital has never been closer to the sea! It’s perfect for escapism and to take in the salty sea air, whether you are on holiday or away for the weekend and at any time of year.

From the 28 August 2017... Paris-La Rochelle runs:

From Monday to Thursday, there are two trips from La Rochelle-Paris that take 2hrs 28mins (07:06-09:34) and 2hrs 33mins (17:01-19:34) and one return trip from Paris-La Rochelle in 2hrs 26mins (17:27-19:53). From 2 July, you can get back to Paris on Fridays and Sundays in 2hrs 30mins in the afternoon (15:46-18:16).
With more than 556 seats, these new trains are comfier and have new facilities like wifi on board, dynamic information in real time, and all first class seats face the direction you are travelling in. And all of this while going at 320kph!

Did you know?

The TGV train is built here at La Rochelle’s very own Alstom factory in Aytré!
... So you are ready for a trip to La Rochelle?