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La Belle du Gabut

Scène belle du Gabut
Fred Le Lan

Belle du Gabut will open its doors again in Spring 2019...

Belle du Gabut is... a place, a stage setting to discover

It is in the middle of Gabut’s wasteland that Belle du Gabut set up again this year. La Rochelle’s graffiti artists and fans of street art love this place and the walls reveal just how talented they are and the richness of the images of this street art.

In this quirky, urban and creative place there are tables and chairs made from various woods, and parasols and wine barrels which you can easily gather round and lean on. The bar seems like it was built by someone that was a bit delusional with its sheet metal arches, its copper bar and its wooden framework. 
And obviously, because it’s an open-air cafe, there are paper lanterns and fairy lights!

Belle du Gabut... for drinks and nibbles!

Whether you are with your family or friends, take a well deserved break outside... there is something for everyone: go in the shade for a refreshing drink, go and sunbathe in the sun or go to the bar for great chat! There are a range of drinks and a selection of snacks which support short supply change, local, organic or seasonal products and small-scale manufacturers.

 Belle du Gabut... for a good time

And yes, because Belle du Gabut is an artistic and cultural programme... it’s open to everyone and it’s free! Check out the events programme every month: shows, music, dancing, theatre, street art, meetings, events, beginners classes, workshops, well-being... the list goes on.

And all for your entertainment! Kids are also welcome with an enclosed play area to run, have fun and let loose!

Not to mention a programme also devoted to a young audience.
At Belle du Gabut there is a sense of freedom, creativity and friendliness which will make you fall for the place in a heartbeat.