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Guaranteed 20 Degrees!

Ballet de las medusas
Aquarium La Rochelle SAS

The temperatures are dropping and the damp days are creeping in...there is no doubt we are in winter now! So to make the most of your trip in all weather and all temperatures, we have prepared our TOP 5 things to do indoors in La Rochelle this season!


La Rochelle’s museums open their doors to share the rich and surprising world of their collections with you, showcasing the best of science, art, history and nature. Every year the local museums offer you new temporary exhibitions to discover, with the Musée de Nouveau Monde (New World museum), Musée des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts museum) and the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle (the Natural History Museum)’s exhibitions starting as early as this winter.

Be amazed!

The clown fish is waiting for you at La Rochelle Aquarium, along with 12,000 other marine animals! Newly opened on 3 February 2018 after a month of construction work, the aquarium invites you on a new journey through the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Tropics. Will you be able to find the Napoleon fish that has lived in the Aquarium’s lagoon tank for 15 years and weighs around 30kg?! Or recognise the horseshoe crab, a species that has existed for more than 200 million years?! 
Meet us at Tour St-Nicolas to discover the wonderful exhibition “Les Chambres des Merveilles” (The House of Wonders) which puts the “wonder” in “wonderful”. You’ll explore six cabinets of curiosities where you’ll find chimerical creatures, scientific instruments, celestial globes, jewellery, seashells and precious stones. 

Get active! 

Blow off some steam, rise to the challenge... Whether with family or friends, enjoy lots of sporting and fun activities offered in La Rochelle and the surrounding area to really live each day of your stay to the max and indulge in all your passions. Why not test your sense of balance this winter at The Roof climbing house?
Have fun!
During school holidays the museums offer different themed workshops for families based on the subject of their collection: With bird drawing workshops at the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle or pirate stories at the Musée du Nouveau Monde, your children will be able to express all their creativity!

Go out! 

With the current music room, La Sirène, La Coursive’s national stage, La Rochelle’s cultural area, Carré Amelot, and La Rochelle’s Casino Barrière, you are always going to find a show that suits you, whether it’s a concert, dance, play or dinner dance... don’t miss out on their eclectic programme!
And if you want a good laugh, go to Comédie La Rochelle for a light-hearted play where you are guaranteed to come out with a big smile on your face!

Who said it’s winter?