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La Rochelle’s Francofolies

Ambiance Francofolies La Rochelle
Aurèle Bossan

100% Music!

A festival rooted in the land 

Launched in 1985, La Rochelle’s Francofolies takes you on a musical adventure. It is a festival with current music which attracts thousands of passionate fans to La Rochelle every year. As the first festival to promote all kinds of French songs, it has seen generations of artists be born and has become one of the biggest, unmissable events of the summer. Every year nearly 130,000 festival goers gather in La Rochelle for 5 days of concerts, parties and good times.

More than 100 concerts are scheduled every year in different places throughout the town. 

The Jean-Louis Foulquier stage, which is named after the founder of Francofolies, Jean-Louis Foulquier, is the iconic Francofolies stage. The biggest names and most promising artists in the music industry have already graced this stage: Joey Starr, Johnny Hallyday, Christine and the Queen, Alain Bashung, Véronique Sanson, David Guetta, Alain Souchon, Stromae…

The national stage of La Coursive also hosts Francofolies in 3 scenic spaces: the Grand Théâtre, the Théâtre Verdière and the Salle Bleue. In the first you’ll experience artists’ original work in a more intimate setting. The second is for new talent... it is the “Premières Francos” (First Francos) stage!  Finally, the third stage has a programme which is aimed at a younger audience, with all your favourite songs and with unusual shows.

Not to mention the open mic nights in the city, the cultural places and and the heritage sites like the Tour St-Nicolas or even La Sirène’s Current Music room in the La Pallice district along the Port de Commerce (commercial port) in La Rochelle.

The Junior Francos

Children also have the right to their Francofolies! In partnership with SACEM (the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music), every year the festival selects shows that are equally creative for a young audience. Funny, fast-paced, poetic, adventure rock, theatrical, inventive and big voice songs... everything is possible. If you can imagine it, we have got it! 

Entrée du comptoir avec le bar en fond
Francofolies de La Rochelle

Make yourself comfortable in “Comptoir des Francofolies”

Francos all year

“Comptoir des Francofolies” is a cafe-restaurant-concert venue in La Rochelle’s train station. Decorated like a festival, this place is open all year from Monday to Sunday 7am to 8pm. And to compliment the soundtracks taken from earlier years of the festival, you can discover artists that perform on the bar stage at least once a month and all throughout the festival!

Francofolies Festival Fun Flourishes in the rest of the city

Free stages in the the city centre

Francofolies is also a city which moves to the beat of the festival! Every year when the festival is on, people get together every day in La Rochelle’s bars, streets and restaurants to join in the festivities and have a good time.

Since 2016 the organisation Tous pour Tous have had “official” sideshows to compliment La Rochelle’s core music festival. With the support of French artists from diverse and charitable backgrounds, the organisation therefore organises all kinds of free concerts from 45 minutes to 3 hours and for all audiences: for a young audience, master-classes and industry events... there is a full programme to discover every year at

Francofolies de La Rochelle
To each his own style

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