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Take the air on the city beaches

Plage avec des enfants
Kamel Lahmadi

Take a break, La Rochelle’s beaches 

Plage de La Concurrence, near the historic town

On the banks of La Rochelle’s Vieux Port and its famous towers, discover plage de la Concurrence, , the perfect place for a family day out. Apart from lazing about on the sand, you can also find places to eat and things to entertain the kids nearby: merry-go-rounds, see-saws, mini-golf, a bouncy castle and dodgems. Further up, you can enjoy the fresh Parc Charruyer which has a lovely walk where you can see little streams and rare species as well as a wildlife park that your kids will love! Don’t forget to take a detour through the Mail where there are blooming flowerbeds, green areas and incredible houses.

Plage des Minimes, sailing vibe

Plage des Minimes is located between Minimes Port de Plaisance (marina) and Parc des Pères and it’s the biggest beach in La Rochelle. With its little shops and eateries, it welcomes lots of tourists in July and August. To get there, you just have to pop on the sea bus! You can get the sea bus from the Vieux Port and you can use it like a mini cruise. And after your day at the beach, why not head to Parc des Pères and Pointe des Minimes where you will find a quirky lighthouse in front of you which is an exact replica of the Phare du Bout du Monde lighthouse.

Plage de Chef de Baie, at the end of the promenade

To get to the Plage de Chef de Baie in the Port-Neuf district, a lovely walk is waiting for you, starting from the historical centre. Follow the waterfront along the Promenade de La Concurrence before cutting through Parc d'Orbigny where there is a mix of green areas and view points looking out over the sea. Take the time to marvel at the richness of La Rochelle’s coast: with the Port de Plaisance, the Phare du Bout du Monde lighthouse and loads of others.

Then keep walking along the waterfront. You will be there in around 15mins. With a little white sandy beach sheltered from the wind and a grass pitch where kids can have fun... all in all it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy everything the beach has to offer!

Des personnes sur une planche de paddle
Fred Le Lan

Outdoor Yoga

Totally Zen!

The sun, the breath of the wind, the soft lapping of the waves and the sound of seagulls... there’s nothing like the beach for a yoga session where you are connected to nature and the sea. Beach yoga on the warm sand, SUP yoga in the water (you do it on a Stand Up Paddle board), dance yoga where you move to the rhythm of the music... it’s up to you! 

A friendly get together, near La Rochelle 

Plage d'Aytré, lively all summer 

Located in the Aytré commune, Plage d'Aytré is also called “le Platin” because the “plat” of the beach (flat surface) stretches for miles into the sea. Because you can stand up for ages, the “Platin” is a safe place for families with young children. In summer, you can practise beach sports and enjoy local events in the area as part of “Aytré plage bouge l’été” programme. You can also just laze around on your towel, eat home-made ice cream or even find somewhere to have a drink and a bite to eat in the beach huts dotted all along the beach.

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