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Theater - De l'Autre Côté
Theater - De l'Autre Côté

Theater - De l'Autre Côté

Theater - De l'Autre Côté
Place des Britanniques
17000 - La Rochelle
Theatre for young audiences from 4 years old by the Compagnie du Réfectoire.

Pierre has just had a little brother. Not always easy to find his place. So Pierre plays alone in his room, between walls that block his body but not his imagination.
One day, he invents a twin of cardboard and tape...
In a bare stage design and to vibrant music, the bodies of the two actors tell us this whimsical fable, this dreamlike fantasy in which Karin Serres plunges us with the madness and sincerity of words in the swirling language that characterizes her.

Reservations: 05 46 51 14 70
A Carré Amelot - Espace Culturel de la Ville de La Rochelle program
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Opening Saturday 15 January 2022 between 11 am and 11.35 am.


Adult: from 8 €, Child: from 4.50 €.

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