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Quand vous lirez cette lettre - Théâtre
Quand vous lirez cette lettre - Théâtre

Quand vous lirez cette lettre - Théâtre

Quand vous lirez cette lettre - Théâtre
51, boulevard de la République
17340 - Châtelaillon-Plage
Discover the play tribute to the poilus of the 14/18 war, Thursday November 11th at 5pm at Beauséjour !


History and memory. Erasing and reinscribing. Creating traces. New traces. And to fight against the erasure of the previous ones, to participate in a re-inscription of memory. To do so in the way that is proper to artistic creation: by reinscribing history in the present of consciousness and sensations.
Re-writing letters, inspired by those documents called "letters of the poilus", results of the furrows that men have chosen to leave by their writing. The letter and the epistolary exchange: an interior voice is deposited on paper. It is immediately inscribed in a link to another. The imagined, absent, projected reader. Silence. Deferred time of reading and writing. Suspended exchange. The letter reorganizes the worlds of voice and absence of voice, of sound and silence, of presence and absence. Singular communication. And this device, of which it is the trace, invites us to take hold of it again, to reinstall ourselves in it.

The texts of the contemporary letters proposed in this show follow - one hundred years later - the paths blazed by these first authentic letters.
And in the silence and the word: music

Author: Frédérique Lab
Artistic conception and direction: Anne Debaig
With Anne Debaig, Thomas du Mesnil
Clarinet: Antonio Castillo
Piano: Agnès Jacquier
Cello: Sandrine Lefebvre
Musical arrangements: Christophe Foucaud
Set design : Sophie Bobineau
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Opening Thursday 11 November 2021 between 5 pm and 7 pm.


Adult: 7 €, Child: 7 €, Student: 7 €.

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