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Orchestre de chambre Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Orchestre de chambre Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Orchestre de chambre Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Orchestre de chambre Nouvelle-Aquitaine
51, boulevard de la République
17340 - Châtelaillon-Plage
NACO invites conductor Arie Van Beek to its annual concert on the Beausejour stage on Saturday, March 12 at 8:30 pm.


Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 8:30 pm

For some composers, the instrumentation is a puzzle before reaching the balance so sought after. Brahms groped around for a long time before finding the final form of the Quintet for piano and strings, following the advice of Clara Schumann. And even then, for the latter, a quintet is not enough "it is a work so full of ideas that it requires a full orchestra"... It is done thanks to Henk de Vlieger's arrangement! The orchestra takes over the dense piano part to unfold its textures and richness, which take on a tenfold scope.

A century earlier, Haydn also sought to serve a very rich instrumental writing without losing its clarity. He succeeded: by multiplying the number of soloists in his unique Symphonie concertante, chiselled dialogues and recitative episodes follow one another in a masterful balance.

As for György Ligeti, through string and woodwind solos, he introduces various elements of Romanian popular music in his Romanian Concerto. The result is a harmonically unusual work that was censored for more than 20 years. In turn, a whole range of instruments shines through these three brilliant works!

Under the direction of Arie Van Beek

On the concert programme:

György LIGETI Romanian Concerto - 12'.

HAYDN Symphonie concertante in B flat major for oboe, bassoon, violin and cello - 23'.

BRAHMS Quintet for piano and strings in F minor op. 34 (arr. Henk de Vlieger) - 45'
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Opening Saturday 12 March 2022 at 8.30 pm.


Adult: 18 to 20 €, Child: 18 €, Student: 18 €.

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