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Le Cri de la Girafe - Jeune public
Le Cri de la Girafe - Jeune public

Le Cri de la Girafe - Jeune public

Le Cri de la Girafe - Jeune public
51, boulevard de la République
17340 - Châtelaillon-Plage
Discover a poetic universe of African music and tales in the young audience show "Le cri de la girafe", Sunday April 10th at 3pm.


Sunday April 10, 2022 at 3pm.

Once upon a time... there was one of the most arrogant giraffes. Dominating, with all her height and elegance, the animals of the savannah, she only gives them contempt and sarcasm. How will the venerable turtle, the parrot preparing for the carnival or the whimsical monkey react when, in the middle of a storm, she finds herself weakened and ill? Will they agree to help her?

This Congolese legend, collected from the mouth of a grandmother, is a life lesson on the virtues of benevolence and knowing how to live together.
Drum, djembe, keyboard and a whole procession of strange instruments give rhythm to a masterful choreography. The atmosphere transports us to the depths of Africa, inviting fantasy, imagination and play. As in a dream, reality and fantasy mingle...

A real poetic enchantment that makes us travel while having fun.

With Chrysogone Diangouaya and Xavier Sauvage
Original text: Chrysogone Diangouaya
Theatrical adaptation and direction: Richard Demarcy
Choreography: Chrysogone Diangouaya
Music: Xavier Sauvage

They like :
Pariscope: A must-see.
La Muse: Bewitching and magical, go there!
Télérama : We like it a lot.
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Opening Sunday 10 April 2022 at 3 pm.


One price: 7 €.

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