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Fête de la Sainte Lucie
Fête de la Sainte Lucie

Fête de la Sainte Lucie

Fête de la Sainte Lucie
The Festival of Saint Lucy opens the end-of-year celebrations in châtelaillonnais in the most beautiful way... The Lucies bring light to the heart of the town and officially launch the Christmas festivities!

And to make the party even more beautiful, participate in your own way in this magic by placing candles on the sills of your windows and balconies.

6:30 pm Distribution of lanterns at Beauséjour
7pm Departure of the procession led by the "Lucies
7.30 pm Tasting of chocolate and mulled wine offered by the town hall on the Place Jean Moulin, at the Christmas Market
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Opening Saturday 11 December 2021 between 6 pm and 8 pm.


Free of charge.


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