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Mon séjour

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Local products

La Rochelle’s gastronomy is not only well known for its seafood platters and extra fresh fishes. You will discover delicious meats with potatoes and coarse salt from Ile de Ré, tasty milk products, sun gorged fruits and vegetables, scrumptious dishes with mussels and obviously: Cognac and Pineau des Charentes! Make the most of your stay to taste the gems of Poitou-Charentes gastronomy, and make a detour to La Rochelle markets!

Here is a list of our best known AOC certified products from Poitou-Charentes:


Fish and seafood:

Huîtres fine de claire: Green Fine Fattened Oysters / Huîtres Marennes Oléron: Marennes Oleron Oysters

Plateau de fruits de mer: seafood platter

Coquilles st jacques: scallops

Moules de bouchot: fresh mussels / "mouclade": local dish based on mussels with white wine, cream and saffron / "éclade": mussels are cooked over pine needles

Crevettes impériales des Marais Charentais: a kind of prawns

Céteaux: a kind of little sole / bar: bass / maigre: meagre / dorade: sea bream

Algue: seaweed / salicorne: glasswort


Meat – Eggs – Milk products

Poulet de Barbezieux / Barbezieux chicken

Viande bovine Maraichine / Maraichine beef

Agneau du Poitou Charentes: Poitou Charentes lamb

Grillons charentais: terrine between the porc confit and rillettes

Œufs de Marans: red eggs from Marans

"La Jonchée", or "caillebote": a fresh cheese made from curdled milk, in a reed basket, with a bitter and almond flavor

"Tourteau charentais": a cottage cheese cake with a black crust on top,

Fromage de chèvre, "Cabecou": goat’s cheese

Beurre Charentes Poitou: Charentes Poitou butter


Vegetables and fruits:

"Farci charentais": a kind of vegetable loaf

Pommes de terre de l’île de Ré : mitraille, grenaille…: Ile de Re new potatoes, from the smallest to the normal size, to eat sautéed in their skin

Mojhettes or “Haricots de Pont l’abbé d’Arnoult”: a kind of white bean

Carottes de Jarnac Champagne: Jarnac-Champagne carrots

Betterave longue crapaudine: long beet

Pommes reinette clochard: reinette apples

Safran: saffron

Melons charentais: melon traditionally eaten with Pineau and buttered bread



Sel de l’Ile de ré, sels aromatisés (Ile de Ré salt, flavoured salts)


Sweets and desserts:

Angélique confite: candied angelica

Caramel au beurre salé: salted butter toffee

Miel: honey / pain d’épices: gingerbread

"Galette charentaise" or "Broyé du Poitou": local butter biscuits



Cognac: the famous brandy from Charentes

Pineau des Charentes: the famous sweet wine from Charentes

Vin d’épines – Trouspinette: a blackthorn aromatized wine

Guignette: a mix of wine and syrup

Trousse–chemise: sparkling wine from Ile de Re, it tastes like Champagne

*Consume with moderation.

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