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A stroll around the Mall

Published on 11 August 2017 - Commentaires (0)
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Are you looking for an idea for a pleasant walk that is easily accessible, on the edge of the sea? We suggest the Mall, from where you can take this easy little walking tour.


Leave your car near the Franck Delmas Park, go through the holm oaks in Orbigny Park and you will end up facing the ocean, with a fabulous view of the Pointe des Minimes and the “Lighthouse at the end of the World”.


Now go along the sea (to your right) towards Casino Park: a paved road, shady lawns, benches to take a rest, a little paradise for all the Sunday strollers and fun-seekers. Everyone has something to do: children on bikes, skateboards or scooters, parents with a carriage or a stroller, families, friends, grandpas and grandmas…


Continuing on this pretty stroll, you will come upon a very pretty scene: under the pine trees, you can see Concurrence Beach and in the background the medieval Lantern Tower that you will recognise by its Gothic spire. Here, you will walk in the footsteps of the 19th century bourgeois families from La Rochelle and the region who followed the fashion of “Bathing in the Sea” by setting up seaside Bathing Facilities: changing rooms (ladies and gentlemen do not mix, of course …), restrooms and an access ramp to brave the waves!! All this was organised around the Casino, a place for relaxation and leisure, essential for a seaside resort worthy of the name.


Continuing on your way, the path snakes around the adorable Fleuriau pavilion, a 19th century “extravagance” overlooking the sea; continue your pleasant stroll along the sea on the Concurrence walkway, that ends up on the beach of the same name. From there, you have two options: go on towards the Old Port or pause on a terrace overlooking the sea.


To return, you can branch off in front of the Casino to get to the shady Mall and then you can go right up to the imposing commemorative monument, placed like a final period on these beautiful avenues. On your way, don’t forget to admire the villas and residences dating from the beginning of the last century, witnesses of the attraction of La Rochelle for generations of families in search of the salt sea air.


A refreshing walk, to consume at any age and without moderation.


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